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Our annual Juneteenth Celebration reflects on pivotal moments within African American history that were impactful to our culture and our society while creating an avenue for education and stimulating community development.

The 1921 Attack on Greenwood was one of the most significant events in history. Recognized as an affluent African American community in Tulsa, Oklahoma with thriving businesses and real estate, the area became referred to as “Black Wall Street.”

Following the arrest of a young black man accused of affectionately approaching a white woman, the black community feared that he would be lynched. As accounts of the incident circulated in the white community, the story was exaggerated and resulted in the violent looting and burning of black homes and businesses, the killing of more than 300, and the charred remains of what once stood as Greenwood.

The Black Wall Street stage play captures this compelling history and implores us to create a stimulating and flourishing environment where opportunities are created and foundations are strengthened for business, commerce, and homeownership.

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THAPgroup’s 5508 CoWorking & Collaboration Exchange offers small businesses in East Tampa an opportunity to grow in a professional and nurturing environment. Our Small Business Expo goes beyond the experience – we’re committed to ensuring small business sustainability in our community.

You can be a part of the long-term positive impact to small businesses by becoming a sponsor of The Black Wall Street Experience. Sponsors of this event are offered lasting benefits of brand visibility. We’re looking forward to building a relationship that together helps our communities thrive.

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