The Minority AIDS Initiative

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The Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) links individuals in counties heavily impacted by HIV/AIDS to continuous medical care and social services. MAI providers implement the Antiretroviral Treatment and Access to Services (ARTAS) intervention.

Synergy Care Coordinators walk you through the process of obtaining coverage, case management, and assistance with qualifying for benefits.

Impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Florida has been heavily impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The state continues to rank third in the nation in the cumulative number of AIDS cases (126,581 in 2012) and second in the nation in the cumulative number of HIV cases (49,058 in 2012). The Florida Department of Health estimates that approximately 130,000 individuals are living with HIV disease in Florida. Men represent 70% of the cases. Persons over the age of 45 years represent 60%.

The Florida Department of Health contracts with community-based organizations to provide services under MAI which uses strengths-based case management (ARTAS) to target HIV-positive clients of minority populations. The purpose is to link recently or previously diagnosed HIV-positive clients (having no care for at least six months) to available medical care. Once identified, the client meets with a care coordinator with a goal to link the client to the proper medical care services to receive treatment. Other expected outcomes for the client are to identify treatment-supporting goals, obtain stable housing (if applicable), and achieve a more stable lifestyle. MAI clients receive case management, assistance with applying for qualifying benefits (ADAP, Medicaid, Medicare), transportation, and other services as needed. For more information call 813.626.4926 x200.

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Synergy Health Centers serves low-income individuals and families who lack access to attaining primary care and prevention services like HIV screenings & testing, affordable treatments, healthcare maintenance, educational resources, and counseling. We'd like to make it easier for individuals to obtain essential care and support.

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