James A. Hammond Leaves a Legacy of Community Advocacy, Business Development, & Social Change

THAPgroup, Inc. honors his life of service

Tampa, FL – May 6, 2019 – The community mourns the loss of long-time businessman, pioneer, and community advocate Mr. James A. Hammond who passed away on Thursday, May 2, 2019. The Tampa-Hillsborough Action Plan, Inc. (THAPgroup) along with our staff members, board of directors, and affiliate partners honor his legacy of service to his community.

“Determined at an early age to make a radical change in the south,” Hammond made it his life’s mission to ensure that equality, stability, and opportunity existed for everyone. He was a man who fought for injustice and stood firm in the face of adversity. His commitment gave way to a new social and civil awareness in Tampa and paved the road for educational integration, training programs, and new business opportunities for black students and business owners.

His hard work ethic as a young boy and his years of military service helped fuel his commitment to social and economic change, public servanthood, and business development. Hammond founded several community organizations, including the Tampa-Hillsborough Action Plan, which focuses on enhancing the well-being, sustainability, and economic development of residents in Hillsborough and Polk counties; he also introduced several programs to improve race relations in Tampa and was responsible for affirmative action consultant services for government and industry.

Hammond’s “goal has always been to make Tampa and Hillsborough County a better place for all people.” The successful outcome of economic stimulation, childhood learning, and new business development in Tampa were the result of Hammond’s dedication and advocacy for a thriving community for all.

THAPgroup honors Mr. Hammond for his life and legacy of community service, and we offer our sincerest condolences to his family on the passing of a great leader. May his legacy forever live on in our city.

The mission of the Tampa-Hillsborough Action Plan, Inc. is to offer solutions that build social equity by awakening a sense of dignity within Southwest Florida residents who face educational, health, housing, and economic challenges.