HIV, STI & Pregnancy Testing

Testing and Prevention Services

Testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infection (STIs) can be an effective tool in preventing the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

An understanding of the relationship between STIs and HIV infection can help in the development of effective HIV prevention programs for persons with high-risk sexual behaviors. Individuals who are infected with STIs are up to five times more likely than uninfected individuals to acquire HIV infection if they are exposed to the virus through sexual contact. To find out how Synergy's testing and prevention services can help, call us: 813.626.4926 x303.

HIV Testing

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that health care providers test everyone between the ages of 13 and 64 at least once as part of routine health care. One in six people in the United States who have HIV do not know they are infected.

Behaviors that put you at risk for HIV include having vaginal or anal sex without a condom or without being on medicines that prevent or treat HIV, or sharing injection drug equipment with someone who has HIV. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should get an HIV test:

  • Have you had sex with someone who is HIV-positive or whose status you didn’t know since your last HIV test?
  • Have you injected drugs (including steroids, hormones, or silicone) and shared equipment (or works, such as needles and syringes) with others?
  • Have you exchanged sex for drugs or money?
  • Have you been diagnosed with or sought treatment for a sexually transmitted disease, like syphilis?
  • Have you been diagnosed with or sought treatment for hepatitis or tuberculosis (TB)?
  • Have you had sex with someone who could answer yes to any of the above questions or someone whose history you don’t know?

STI Testing

Synergy testing sites in Hillsborough County offer STI services at no cost to adults and adolescents, regardless of their citizenship status. All clients, including adolescents, are assured confidential STI clinical services by Florida Law.

Testing services for STIs include health history and risk assessment, STI testing as indicated, linkage to treatment and counseling.

Trained counselors will talk with you about reducing your risk for getting STIs and how to prevent infections from spreading to your partners.

About the Test

Synergy Health Centers provides confidential testing of infected patients and notification services for sex partners and other at-risk persons to prevent the spread of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

Testing services are provided in strict confidence and are available to anyone who seeks care for the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

About the test, we will ask you to provide a urine sample and will send it to the laboratory, then you need to return or call to the office for test results in two weeks.

Pregnancy Testing

You can come to Synergy Health Centers for a pregnancy test. You will only need to provide a urine sample and wait for a few minutes. If your test is negative (meaning that you may not be pregnant), but you still have symptoms, wait a week and have the test repeated. If it is still negative, then you should contact a health care provider.

If you are using a home kit, be sure to follow the directions; if your home test is positive, you need to call a health care provider and schedule a prenatal visit.

THAPgroup's Synergy Health Centers,

in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health, provides screening, counseling, treatment and partner notification services to persons infected with or suspected of being infected with STIs.

This component includes surveillance with laboratories and other health care providers to ensure rapid reporting, treatment and intervention services. Other components include outreach screenings, notification of cases and at-risk persons residing in other public health jurisdictions and rapid response teams to locate and ensure that infected persons, their partners and other at-risk individuals receive appropriate treatment and intervention activities.

You should also get tested if:

  • You have been sexually assaulted.
  • You are a woman who is planning to get pregnant or who is pregnant.

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Synergy Health Centers serves low-income individuals and families who lack access to attaining primary care and prevention services like HIV screenings & testing, affordable treatments, healthcare maintenance, educational resources, and counseling. We'd like to make it easier for individuals to obtain essential care and support.

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